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Well-Known Intelligence Test

Francis Galton –Biometric Method

One of the first people to create an intelligence test was a scientist named Francis Galton

The Binet-Simon Scale

After Galton’s work, two French scientists named Alfred Binet and Theodore Simon devised a new way to measure intelligence called the “Binet-Simon Scale”.This test measured someone’s intelligence using the “performance method”,

Robert Sternberg- Triarchic Theory of Intelligence

Psychologist Robert Sternberg defined intelligence as "mental activity directed toward purposive adaptation to, selection and shaping of, real-world environments relevant to one’s life."

Howard Gardner - Multiple Intelligences

One of the more recent ideas to emerge is Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences. Instead of focusing on the analysis of test scores, Gardner proposed that numerical expressions of human intelligence are not a full .

Charles Spearman - General Intelligence

British psychologist Charles Spearman (1863-1945) described a concept he referred to as general intelligence, or the g factor. After using a technique known as factor analysis to examine a number of mental aptitude tests, Spearman concluded that scores on these tests were remarkably similar.

Louis L. Thurstone - Primary Mental Abilities

Psychologist Louis L. Thurstone (1887-1955) offered a differing theory of intelligence. Instead of viewing intelligence as a single, general ability, Thurstone's theory focused on seven different "primary mental abilities."