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Know About Intelligence

The main feature of intelligence is the ability to use convergent thinking (i.e., putting different ideas or information together based on what they each have in common when trying to solve a problem), and this is something that can be tested for by using intelligence tests

There are basically two types of intelligence is catogerised

  • Adjustment
  • Ability to Learn


By wells- 1936- Intelligence is the property of recombining our behavior pattern so as to act better in novel situations”.

Munn-1955-“Intelligence is the capacity for the flexible adjustment.”

Stern-1963- “Intelligence is the capacity of general adoptability to new problems and situations. It is an ability to apprehend situation and prepare oneself for proper adjustment”

Ability to learn

Lbbingaus- 1897- “Intelligence is the ability to learn or profit by past experience.”.

Goddard- 1942-“Intelligence is the degree of availability of one’s experience for the solution of immediate problems and anticipation for the future.”

Well-Known IQ Test

There are various theories behind the concept of Intelligence and by knowing the Intelligence Quotient the parents, children s are come to know about the factor where his mental status is belong to