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IQ is relatively stable attributes in human, for some individuals as IQ may vary upward and downward, and over time suggest that IQ test measure intellectual performance of human rather than an inborn capacity for thinking and problem solving.

The people involved together with each other in certain geographical boundaries or some social territories in a specific group are known as human. When these groups are subjected to same social, political, environmental, economical cause is known as society. These societies are the platform to share the various thoughts, feelings, expressions, religion, virtues, wisdom, knowledge, sincerity, leanings and values. These societies are not bound by any infrastructure or any geographical boundaries. Human societies are neither be bound by any politics, sex, caste or creed nor they be bound by any internal or external forces.

On the performing ground these societies enables its members to provide possible benefits. The intelligence cannot be increased scientifically without a clear statement of the relationship between human and society. Human relationship with self and with society is aspects of the same relationship, and it unfolds simultaneously. As we human travel on the road of mental ability, discovering intelligence, we also become conscious and responsible of the greater human society.