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Classification of Intelligence

Comprehensive Definition of Intelligence

“Intelligence is the aggregate or global capacity of the individual to act purposefully to think rationally and to deal effectively with his environment” . by Wechsler-1943

Integrative Approach
“Intelligence is the ability to undertake activities that are characterized by
  • Difficulty
  • Complexity
  • Abstractness
  • Economy
  • Adaptiveness to a goal
  • Social Value
  • the emergence of originals and to maintain such activities under conditions that demand a concentration of energy and resistance to emotional forces.

Classification of Intelligence Test

  • Individual Intelligence Test- ITI
  • Group Intelligence Test- GIT
  • Paper and Pencil Test- PnPT
  • Verbal Intelligence test-VIT
  • Non Verbal Intelligence Test-NVIT
  • Performance Intelligence Test- PIT
  • Block Design Test- BDT
  • Cube Construction Test- CCT
  • Non Language Intelligence Test- NLIT
  • Culture fair Intelligence Test- CFIT

Well-Known IQ Test

There are various theories behind the concept of Intelligence and by knowing the Intelligence Quotient the parents, children s are come to know about the factor where his mental status is belong to