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Benefits of Knowing IQ

To know the power of mind of Human
There are various theories behind the concept of Intelligence and by knowing the Intelligence Quotient the parents, children s are come to know about the factor where his mental status is belong to. And somewhere as refereed by all the intelligence theories it shows how the mind acts on different situation, how the mind commands over the sense organs and other important body parts to perform on particular situation with some specific set of actions

To overcome with the FEAR
70%-80% individuals across the world do not try all the things what they want to do. The reason behind this is their FEAR; they make some kind of barrier inside their mind which restricts them to do so. But there way of reacting towards that restricted things/situation is very prompt instead of other general things/situation. It directly related with their level of Intelligence quotient. By knowing the IQ Score it definitely might help the individuals to perform on that situation which was earlier restricted by them only. It gives them the self confidence to perform in better manner.

Ranking n Potential of kid

Intelligence Quotient is the most important techniques which helps the students to compare themselves with others on the basis of individual IQ Test Score card, which motivates them to think in different manner and enhances the potential of learning and able to get higher Ranking in Intelligence Quotient Test. As a result it builds the certain group of students having same IQ level.

Breaking the self- image

“Not everyone uses the same techniques to convey the same meaning”. Every children posses the variant qualities and performs every set of action in different way with same cause. It happens because of their IQ which stand him different from others. The people having the average IQ thinks in a different way to the people having higher IQ comparatively.

To be more adaptive

Learning be adaptive as nature is. One of the important element to know IQ is nature. Why nature is so strong because of its adaptability. It adapts or emerges the things inside very easily. So as with kids if we introduce ones quality to other than the counter part is ready to adapt it. Hence, by knowing the IQ Score the one should increase their nature adaptability

The scope of improvement

For the very first time from French Government Binet and Simon had received the assignment to invent such kind of measurement scale through which the classification among students could be done on the basis of Dull Student, Average Student, Brilliant Student. So as by knowing the IQ it develops the chances of Improvement .

To get victory over the lacking

In the explanation of aforesaid point, we discussed about how the individuals may overcome with their FEAR by knowing their IQ Score. Hence, it is very clear to understand that there is nothing which cannot be wins by the individuals. Knowing IQ Score plays very vital role to defeat the inner lacking of individuals

To know the hidden qualities

“Everything is not as expressive as it would be”. To follow the aforesaid words every child has some hidden quality which is little less expressive on others. By the help of knowing IQ the mentors, parents and child get aware about such kind of hidden qualities and they get the right way to build overall personality including all qualities.